Pressure Die Casting

Using the high pressure die-casting machines with a locking force range of 80 ton to 800 tons and fully equipped with a closed loop feedback system, MARS is currently producing over 2000 MT of high pressure Die Cast components per annum. The weight of the Die casting components currently being produced vary between 5g to 4 kg.

MARS is producing components of various alloys like ADC 12, A360, LM6 etc.

Metal Control – Furnace and Metal Identification using colour coding

Pressure Die Casting Machines upto 750T locking force with closed loop feedback system

350T Toyo (Japan)

350T Toshiba (Japan)

750T Italpresse (Italy)

Hydraulic Trimming and Offline X-Ray Inspection

Hydraulic Trimming of Castings

Offline X – Ray of Castings

K Mould